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Message to our troops 3 Replies

Our wonderful soldiers, this is a message sent to you via Time Tunnel: First of all, do not smoke! Second, the national stupidity is more dangerous to you than smoking. One day we'll all wonder and we won't understand, how the People of the Book…Continue

Started by Yossi Nahmias. Last reply by سلام<++ Aug 13, 2014.

Here and Elsewhere, Ici et Ailleurs, כאן ובמקום אחר

"We must see, learn to see that when the time comes to add up all the…Continue

Started by elsewhere Jul 21, 2014.

"Masada" as an object that links abstract information with visual and verbal information

"Masada" is an object in a system that links abstract information with visual and verbal information using mental representations. As such it is defined by:Name: Metsada, מצדה, Masada Entries information: metadata, attributes and…Continue

Started by Yossi Nahmias May 18, 2014.

Special Project: the recovery of past issues of Elsewhereness online magazine - www.elswhe.ning.com

 No. 1 / July 24-30 09 - Maryia - a collateral damege / Quique Kierszenbaum. The unseen agony of white phosphorus / Eman Mohammed. Watermelons / Ali Noureldine. Safe-Haven / Sofie Berzon.  No.…Continue

Started by elsewhere Sep 13, 2013.

The "Patches Narrative": archival logic vs narrative logic and the fluttering referential experience

#PHOTOGRAPHY Various thinkers have contextualised the practice of photography in society in light of changes in digital technologies and the information industry. Lev Manovich, media…Continue

Started by elsewhere Jul 27, 2013.

j14.org.il - עם דורש צדק חברתי

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Some useful links

Halishka Haafela study site


The Syrian Revolution 2011 الثورة السورية ضد بشار الاسد


AN@S Online >>>


أهلاً بك في هذه الساحة الشبابية التفاعلية الأنيقة، أدوّن - أنا أحمد أبو الخير - هنا منذ 2005 في موضوعات مختلفة.


"Ushahidi", which means "testimony" in Swahili is developing free and open source software  for information collectionvisualization and interactive mapping

قاموس المصطلحات المعلوماتية السورية!

The Choir Project 


To Henry and Laurent, for their yesterday's meeting

Afrah Nasser فتاة يمنية صادف ان تولد لتكون كاتبة/صحافية. A young Yemeni lady who was born to be a writer / journalist

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The Atlas Group (1989-2004) - A Project by Walid Raad

The Elsewhereness No. 47 / June 11-17 10 / 

Document title: Notebook volume 72: Missing Lebanese Wars Fakhouri  Notebooks 1989 

According to Raad, all the major historians of the Lebanese wars were gamblers. Every Sunday they met at the race track and gambled not on the winning horse, but on the exact fraction of a second that the photographer exposed his frame before or after the horse crossed the finish line. Each page in the Missing Lebanese Wars notebook thus combines three forms of information: a photograph of the winning horse, Dr. Fakhouri’s notations on the race distance and duration, and a textual description by the winning historian.

The Atlas Group (1989-2004). A Project by Walid Raad

The Third Citizen: On Models of Criticality in. Contemporary Artistic Practices. 
VERED MAIMON. OCTOBER 129, Summer 2009, pp. 85–112

Henna Hand Design / Wissam Nassar

The Elsewhereness No. 50 / July 2-29 10 /

Wissam Nassar, a Palestinian photojournalist, born 1985, Gaza. Studied Journalism and communications at the Islamic University of Gaza. Works for "Ma'an" Palestinian news agency and "Xinhua" Chinese news agency. Previous professional experience: "Rex Features" British image agency and "Nomitex" of Mexico. His work was exhibited at Pictures of the Year International (POYI) 2006. He also received prizes at Three Israeli annual exhibitions, "Local Testimony", 06, 07, 08.

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"#/<Datawords>#Free, ''s'envolent les colombes ''...Mahmoud Darwich, La terre nous est étroite ... <3 <3 <3 « S’envolent les colombes. Se posent les colombes. - Apprête la terre que je…"
Nov 15, 2016
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"#/<Datawords>#Under Occupation‪/Rodolphe Burger revisite le célèbre « Cantique des cantiques », un hommage au poète Mahmoud Darwich, mais aussi à Alain Bashung, car cette œuvre a été…"
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"#/<Datawords>#Under Occupation‪/http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/thousands-take-to-streets-of-london-for-propalestine-demo-a3286891.html Thousands take to streets of London for pro-Palestine demo Protest: Men, women and children…"
Jul 4, 2016
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"#/<Datawords>#Under Occupation‪ #MuhammadAli/ Rabbi Michael Lerner's Powerful Speech At Muhammad Ali's Memorial https://www.facebook.com/woweffects/videos/10208438174504629/ "Je viens ici parler en tant que…"
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"Hmm.... intriguing. It will be lovely if possible to show more images  from this exhibition on ELSEWHERE... ."
Dec 16, 2015
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"Dinah Douieb is a musician-curator at the service of music and art - "underground" forms and brighter sounds brilliant of color & contrasts"
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Ran Ran is attending Yossi Nahmias's event

Boaz Katz, "Prom Night" at Hadassah Academic College 37 Hanevi'im St. Jerusalem

December 15, 2015 at 4pm to January 21, 2016 at 7pm
Boaz Katz, "Prom Night"A One-Man Show at The Gallery of The Department of Photographic Communications,  Hadassah Academic College, JerusalemCurator: Yossi NahmiasOpening and gallery talk: Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 16:00Closing: January 21, 2016Katz's work combines 19th century early photographic technology with contemporary technology. The image created is the beginning of a recollection of an emotionally loaded personal event, but since the multi-event space simultaneously presents…See More
Dec 14, 2015


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"ELSEWHERE" - مجموعة من المبدعين والناشطين في الحقل الفني في مجال الفنون المرئيه والتوثيق الاجتماعي.

"מקום אחר" "مكان اّخر" "Elsewhere"

מקום-אחר הינה התארגנות עצמאית וספונטנית שלנו, קבוצת יוצרים ופעילי שטח בתחום האמנות והתיעוד החברתי. מטרתנו הנעת תהליכים חברתיים חיוביים בסביבתנו, ויצירת מכנה משותף לפלסטינים, ישראלים ופעילים מארצות אחרות. אנו יוצרים מרחב פעולה בינלאומי, מקום מפגש המאפשר החלפת רעיונות, חוויות ונקודות מבט שונות בצורה חופשית ובלתי מתווכת. תקוותנו לעורר סובלנות ולסייע בגיבוש מודעות ורגישות חברתית משותפת.

مكان اّخر " هو تنظيم مستقل وعفوي ، لنا كمجموعه مبدعات ومبدعين مستقلين في مجال الفن والتوثيق الاجتماعي . هدفنا تحفيز اعمال اجتماعيه ايجابيه في بيئتنا ، وخلق عامل مشترك للفلسطينيين والإسرائيليين ولناشطين من بلدان اخرى . اسسنا مساحه عمل دوليه , مكان لحوار الذي نشجع بواسطته تبادل الافكار والتجارب ووجهات النظر بشكل حر وبدون وساطه . املنا ان نحفز للتسامح وان نساعد في تطوير وعي ومشاعر اجتماعيه مشتركه .

"Elsewhere" social community network is a grassroots movement and independent community project dedicated to fine art and social visualization.
We aim to motivate positive social processes in our surroundings and create a common ground for Palestinians, Israelis and foreign artists. We want to establish an international space- a venue enabling unfiltered exchange of ideas, experiences and perspectives. We wish to stimulate further tolerance and facilitate a common social awareness.

« Elsewhere » est un groupe indépendant qui est actif dans le domaine des arts visuels. Ce collectif propose, en collaboration avec des galeries, des musées et autres espaces d’exposition, une série d’ateliers en mettant l’accent sur des projets locaux et les échanges artistiques dans le Moyen-Orient.
En utilisant leur site Internet elsewhere.ning.com comme une plate-forme visuelle, il permet de mettre en lien des artistes de différents horizons et communautés.

Blog Posts

Ramadan mubarak!

May we all be blessed with peace and solidarity!

Posted by elsewhere on June 27, 2014 at 10:16pm

The International Airport of Jerusalem, Present and Past: Sasha Eidelman and Nahed Awwad

During the research fo Sasha Eidelman's "Last call for passengers on flight" exhibition, we have watched a documentary by Nahed Awwad called "5 Minutes from Home", that had opened the first International Biennial of Qalandiya a year ago.

 - In her film Awwad recovered the history of the airport using private stills archives and personal memories of flight attendants, pilots, travel agents and travelers, from the days when the airport was active and you could take off to destinations in the Arab world and Europe.

Movie Official Trailer: …


Posted by elsewhere on November 8, 2013 at 11:00am

international day of peace


SUKOT 5774

Posted by Moshe Moti Rosen on September 21, 2013 at 9:36am

Any advice gratefully received: What kind of mutual relationships are possible in a system of three types of elements?

עצה קטנה תתקבל בברכה גדולה: אילו יחסי גומלין אפשריים במערכת בת שלושה סוגי אלמנטים? תודה על תשומת הלב, יוסי

מערכת דימויים - מודל 3 סוגי אלמנטים: תמונות, היגדים ודימויים. כפי שניתן לראות, פרטי כל סוג יכולים להיקשר בינם לבין עצמם או עם פרטי כל סוג אחר; למשל: תמונה עם תמונה, תמונה עם היגד, תמונה עם דימוי (וכיו"ב לגבי היגדים ודימויים). המיקוד שלי הוא בעיקר במקרה של דימוי הקושר תמונה והיגד

Posted by Yossi Nahmias on June 12, 2013 at 9:30am — 12 Comments

Israel High Court of Injustice

What had happened at the border while the HC was washing his hands clean of the Eritrean asylum seekers?

1. Darkness at Noon (Heb)

2. Eritrean migrants tell of IDF violence at Israel-Egypt border (Eng)

3. Unlike the State announcement Eritreans testify: we were dragged forcibly back to Egypt (Heb)

4. Testimonies: Israelis tear-gassed pleading asylum seekers, dragged them to Egypt (Eng)
   (Thank you Laurent for your continued interest and for this follow-up link)

Posted by elsewhere on September 13, 2012 at 5:19am — 1 Comment

Image Design Competition on the theme of 'We don’t want them disturbed.'

Win a free weekend for two and one kid at THE SAHARONIM B'

The official excuse: We don’t want them…


Posted by elsewhere on September 8, 2012 at 2:00pm — 5 Comments

Global Voices Advocacy - a global anti-censorship network

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LivefromGaza: 360 square km of chaos / Lina Al Sharif

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לא.מקום.אחר no.where.else لا.مكان.آخر

The Elsewhereness No. 51 / Nov 26th - Dec 10th 2010 - Elsewhere Group exhibition participants: Samara Shbat, Irus Hayoun Rozenfeld, Ran Nahmias, Oded Shimshon, Sigal Ben David, Noa Gur Arie, Yudit Ilany, Maya Yairi, Anat Ofri, Yossi Nahmias. 

Taiamom / Samara Shbat
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משמש בתעשיית off-grain fabric המונח הטקסטיל לתיאור טעות בטוויית בדים כך שחוטי השתי וערב אינם ארוגים בזווית ישרה זה לזה, וכן בהלבשה, לתיאור בדים אשר הדוגמה המודפסת עליהם נמצאת בסטייה, לעתים מכוונת, לכיוון החוטים


Independence Sewing Workshop / photos: Irus Hayoun Rozenfeld sound: Ran Nahmias 

to the video


בין אם מדובר ב"מתפרת העצמאות" במצפה רמון, נופי הכרך, העמק והחוף או הכפר הנטוש, ובין אם באובייקטים דוממים בסביבתם הטבעית, משהו בשייכות ובהתאמה שלהם למקומם אינו עובד


Curb Stone / Oded Shimshon 

to the video


דימויי המקומות והאנשים נושאים עמם את גרעין התוכן העצמאי שלהם ללא זיקה של ממש לסיטואציית המפגש איתם. אגב כך "נפרמים" קצוות הסיפור שאנו רגילים לייחס להם, וכוח העדות של הצילום, במקום שיאשר את ממשותם, מעמיד בספק את דבר היותם שם


Preservation / Sigal Ben David 


The term off-grain fabric, in the textile industry, is associated with appropriating an (un)-deliberate weaving disorder so as to disrupt the right angel grid of weft and warp. It is also an aspect of designing printed garment that disobey weave pattern and direction.


Noa Gur Arie


Throughout this group exhibition the general overview is one of progression that is off the "main beat and truck" direction and off audience expectation. Starting with work to do with the “Sewing Workshop” at Mitzpe-Ramon through landscapes and cityscape work or to do with found and fabricated still life, the general feel is one of disrupted coherency.


Under-Above / Yudit Ilany

The expected reliable fabric of the traditional “photo real-story” started being unpicked and un-stitched at the disjointed margin of our reality here.

Maya Yairi

הינה התארגנות ספונטנית של קבוצת יוצרות ויוצרים עצמאית בתחום האמנות והתרבות החזותית. באמצעות הרשת החברתית שלנו אנו יוצרים מרחב פעולה המאפשר דיאלוג בין פלסטינים, ישראלים ואמנים מארצות אחרות

Images in Tel Aviv / Anat Ofri

معرض جماعي
غنات اوفري, ايروس حيون روزنفيلد, مايا يائيري, نوآه جو ارييه, اوديد شمشون,
ران نحمياس, سمارة شباط, سيجال بن دافيد, يوسي نحمياس, يوديت ايلاني.
نسير بعكس النهج التقليدي, تماما كما يتعمد ان يصنع ناسجو الملابس عندما تخترق خيوطهم الزوايا , وقد تعمدنا نقل تلك انطلاقات من عمق احساسنا الى اعمالنا.

Yossi Nahmias

هنال فجوة ما بين الاماكن والاشخاص من حيث الواقع و بين ما تنقله الصور حولهم , ومن هنا تعمدنا ابراز الفرق , ما بين قصصهم الواقعية وما بين القصص المستوحاة للمشاهدين.
"الس- وير",. هي مجموعة مستقلة نظمت نفسها بشكل عفوي وبدعم ذاتي, لتخوض مجال الفن والثقافة.
وقد تمكنت المجموعة ان تتواصل مع الفنانين عبر شبكات الانترنت, بدون اي حدود او محدودية.
بامكانكم الاطلاع على موقع الانترنت والانضمام الينا : www.elsewhere.ning.com

Flour brought on a Libyan aid ship arrives to Gaza / Eyad Baba

The Elsewhereness No. 50 / July 2-29 10

Flour brought on a Libyan aid ship, arrives to Gaza from Egypt at the Rafah border crossing, southern Gaza Strip, Sunday, July 18, 2010.

Forty trucks, loaded with food and medicine originally carried by a Libyan commissioned ship that was prevented by the Israeli navy from reaching Gaza, were to enter Gaza through Israeli and Egyptian crossings Sunday.

Eyad Baba, a Palestinian photojournalist, born 1977, Gaza. Studies: Diploma in Public Relations at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG). Works for Associated Press. Previous professional experience: Sawt An-Nissa newspaper, Gaza (2004-2007), Al Ayyam newspaper, Gaza (2004-2008), France Press News Agency / AFP, (2005-2007).



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