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1 - We all live in a world, our cultural environment, saturated with hatred propaganda. And nobody is intellectually immune against hatred propaganda (if our world is in such a mess, says the propaganda, it's because of 'Them', the Other).
2 - In the same time, we are all members of Elsewhere and we all join Elsewhere because Elsewhere is, precisely, elsewhere: not in Israeli overheated political zone, not in Palestinian overheated political zone. In other words: out of The Hatred Zone.
That's what we all wanted, I think: get out of The Hatred Zone.
3 - But we all realize now how it's difficult (to say the least) for Elsewhere to be elsewhere with so many people around engulfed in hatred propaganda, so intoxicated by hatred stereotypes that they can't resist to the maniac pulsion to disseminate, link by link, comment by comment, one-side hatred propaganda bits.
Isn't it time to realize that this hatred pulsion only wants to bring us back in The Hatred Zone? Isn't time to realize that one-side hatred propaganda is actually a very effective way to impose on us censorship?
4 - Maybe each of us in Elsewhere could find a way, his own way, to say to all of us: here in Elsewhere, we are by mutual agreement out of The Hatred Zone, we are elsewhere and we don't want to hurt each other, to boycott each other; respect that, understand that, visualize that.
Maybe it could be fun to do that, each one of us with his sensibility?

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