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Our wonderful soldiers, this is a message sent to you via Time Tunnel: First of all, do not smoke! Second, the national stupidity is more dangerous to you than smoking. One day we'll all wonder and we won't understand, how the People of the Book (With all the Jewish genius we like to attribute to ourselves), was led by such a jerk as prime minister of a national stupidity government that sent you like that, unknowingly and without clear objectives, to a pointless military operation.

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j'espere que tu vas bien, Yossi malgré tout ce qui se passe actuellement . Où, allons-nous, Tous dans ce monde ? . Les rapports entre les etres humains se radicalisent partout meme en France. La peur de la différence, de l'autre.. A qui cela profite?  Bien a Toi. Amicalement, Laurent

Merci Laurent, tout est bien avec mes filles et moi,
But the situation in Gaza is appalling!

Prenez soin de vous! 

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