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IDF brigade refuses to let soldier read poetry on the radio so as not to ruin 'fighter's image'

Israel's army, once known for holding poetry writing contests, today seems less keen on promoting the art within its ranks; soldier en route to read his poems on Army Radio ordered to refrain from participating.

By Gili Cohen | Jun.18, 2013

Nahal Brigade recruits - Photo by Pavel Wohlberg

Real men don’t write poetry. That seems to be the attitude of the Nahal Brigade commanders who recently refused to let a soldier from a Nahal battalion read some of his poems on Army Radio on grounds it would “ruin the image of the combat soldier.”

Around 10 days ago, a combat soldier from one of the Nahal battalions was invited to read some poems he had written on one of Army Radio’s weekly programs, “Books, Gentlemen, Books.” The program was devoted to books and the army in honor of Hebrew Book Week.

The soldier was already en route to the Army Radio studios when he received a call from the brigade spokeswoman, a soldier serving in the Nahal Brigade headquarters who answers to Nahal Brigade Commander Col. Yehuda Fuchs, who told him he could not appear on the program. The spokeswoman forbade him to be interviewed because, she said, it would “ruin the image of the combat soldier,” and he was liable to reveal “personal and sensitive” information.


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Dear God! Have we come this far already?

In a way nothing really surprises me any more concerning the army, and then I am taken aback or shocked every time anew...

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