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The public is dumb, hence the public will pay.

All this to get another four years for Bibi.

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Weinstein Henry said:

Because you replied to my comment, I suppose you speak English?

Hezy said:

Not really have to (I just saw not a good representation, so - I mentioned it ...).

I was amused to see you answered to my question by a question, Hezy.
So I answered to your question to my question in a Talmudic way.

It's my deadpan way, it's very natural for me.

Tag: Franz Kafka

Hezy said:

Weinstein Henry said:

So you thought I would understand Hebrew, and answer in English, if I understand well.

It makes sense. Why not? [It is easy to think about situation(s) that it is obvious solution].
more important:
When I asked my question in Hebrew - It was B E F O R E (!) you "answered in English" !!!

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