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Comment by Weinstein Henry on November 27, 2010 at 4:15am
All The Difference Between a Cliché And A Work Of Art /

Trying to explain to myself why I love so much this photography, I said to myself: it's because you can feel it. Beyond the formal beauty of the image, there is something very sensitive, almost sensual. And if you feel it, just like you feel it when a musician plays for real or for fake, it's because the artist was beyond the duplication, the capture of an image. Not only Olive oil extraction, this photography: sensual reality extraction.

Thats also why I love so much In Between by aivil annaA ( > http://elsewhere.ning.com/photo/p1100360edit-1?xg_source=activity ): a photography in motion, like we all are, in the real - almost invisible - world. In fact, In Between is in itself a Road Movie. You know, this kind of movie where the characters are on the run, out of the social order.

(Last thing: the World is waiting for some Nudes' close-up coming from U, Ran Ran!)

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