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At 3:38pm on April 15, 2011, Yossi Nahmias said…

How are you dear Maura?
I agree with every word of yours, and I wish all our hopes come true.
All the best and Happy Passover Holiday,

חג שמח

At 7:30pm on October 28, 2009, sigal said…
This is a strong experience !!! and sad. the thought that a person will have to keep his/her identity as a secret of fear, it is shameful for us as society ! I might be naive, but things like this always takes me by surprise, I know it happens all around, and yet...
a quote of yours that I truly liked and very much agree with - (I can't find your response, so it is of my memory ) ...Speaking from past experience, facts (!) and not out of fear and speculations. It is very much what need to be done, unfortunately, politicians do a cynical use in our fears in order to get their way. By implanting fear from the Muslim community, governments were able to justify wars (Iraq, as example). People blinded by their fear were welling to support it.
and I don't need to go so far, Fear is, partially, what keeps us controling the occupied territories !
At 6:33pm on October 28, 2009, sigal said…
I am delighted with the relationship we created...
I didn't see "Lebanon" (the movie) yet.
What we did in Gaza during "Oferet Yetzuka" was horrible, a crime.
America, China, England... do horrible things all around, but two wrongs don't make a right ! If I will start compromise on my moral believes....
In regarding to your students questions, they are important questions to be asked, but nothing can be done to change the past, and how far we go back in history - it is a tricky thing with no end to it ! Who started the war in Israel ? does it really matter now ? Are we welling to live in this existing situation for ever ? It is a complicated situation. Complication that people refuse to see.
At 12:21am on October 28, 2009, sigal said…
Hi maura
I tried to find your last comment in order to reply, but couldn't find it... I know it is somewhere on this site )) this virtual world is an enigma to me )
Hope you are doing better, it seems like on your last response you were distracted and troubled with some events. We shouldn't feel as we need to be the ambassadors of Israel or the Jewish community. We are individuals; Obviously, I need to remind it to myself, as well. Yet, it is, somewhat, like with our family, we can criticize them, speak out... but if someone unrelated will say anything bad about our family, we will be the first one to stand on their side.
A friend of mine participated in a Germans-Palestinians-Israelis seminar in Berlin. consider herself as extreme left wing (ideas, I am talking) she share the same thoughts of Israel wrong doing and militant acts, but have to hear non-Israelis say so... was tough on her. make no sense. It can be equivalent to contemplating on our reflection in the mirror. This is the way I see it.
At 5:23pm on October 22, 2009, sigal said…
Beautiful words.
It is complex our place in the world, Israel, such a small country and yet, so loud ! When you live in Israel, your Jewish identity is a given, but in the past I lived in the US and experienced my Judaism in a different light, not much in the everyday life, but quite often I was viewed as representative portrait of Jewish/Israeli. It was a challenge to delegate the complexity of our political situation.
I have more to say about it, but recovering from a long flight, I am spending a month in the US, it will take me couple of days to get back to my self...
No need to apologize for "late" response.
Sincerely, sigal
At 8:58am on October 19, 2009, sigal said…
I would be delighted keeping this dialogue open and evolve; Thanks for your interest, as well..
This book sounds very intriguing. How would you review this book ? Is it evaluation of the Zionist concept and examination of the Judaism in Europe in past-present-future ? or "celebration of the Zionism" ? I will be interested gather more about it....
I believe that the Holocaust memories nurture the (Israeli) militant culture, there for, the Holocaust (Shoha) is not just part of our past, but strongly exist in the present. Unless, we will create open meaningful dialogue, we will keep living the trauma of the Shoah; define ourselves as victims and act as bullies.
At 10:49am on October 18, 2009, sigal said…
Thanks for your response.
In the context of the Shoah (but not only) - It is important to talk about knowledge; The historical events, morality and questioning human behavior. It appears to me that monuments fail to do so.
They tend to represent pride, courage and sentimental aspects of the events. For most part, it doesn't lead to discussions on issues more valuable, such as morality, representation of history and humanity in more complex and significant way, ideas that will define our acts and behavior in present time.
At 1:08am on May 23, 2009, Yossi Nahmias said…
Dear Maura,
Thank you! You're so committed to our community, I assure you, I'm sorry for this mess.
Shabat Shalom, Yossi

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