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Ramadan mubarak!

May we all be blessed with peace and solidarity!

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The International Airport of Jerusalem, Present and Past: Sasha Eidelman and Nahed Awwad

During the research fo Sasha Eidelman's "Last call for passengers on flight" exhibition, we have watched a documentary by Nahed Awwad called "5 Minutes from Home", that had opened the first International Biennial of Qalandiya a year ago.

 - In her film Awwad recovered the history of…


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international day of peace


SUKOT 5774…


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Any advice gratefully received: What kind of mutual relationships are possible in a system of three types of elements?

עצה קטנה תתקבל בברכה גדולה: אילו יחסי גומלין אפשריים במערכת בת שלושה סוגי אלמנטים? תודה על תשומת הלב, יוסי

מערכת דימויים - מודל 3 סוגי אלמנטים: תמונות, היגדים ודימויים. כפי שניתן לראות, פרטי כל סוג יכולים להיקשר בינם לבין עצמם או עם פרטי כל סוג…


Added by Yossi Nahmias on June 12, 2013 at 9:30am — 12 Comments

Israel High Court of Injustice

What had happened at the border while the HC was washing his hands clean of the Eritrean asylum seekers?

1. Darkness at Noon (Heb)

2. Eritrean migrants tell of IDF violence at Israel-Egypt border (Eng)

3. …


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Image Design Competition on the theme of 'We don’t want them disturbed.'

Win a free weekend for two and one kid at THE SAHARONIM B'…


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home eviction

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Israeli communities traumatized by Gaza rockets by Ma'an + List of Pal rocket attacks on Israel

Publ 20/04/2011 NAHAL OZ, Israel (IRIN) -- Israeli civilians living near the Gaza Strip are feeling the strain as a result of the recent escalation of violence between militants in Gaza and the Israeli army, and are calling for increased protection -- though not another Gaza offensive.

Measures being taken by the Israeli government to protect civilians in the area, known as the southern district and covering nearly a third of the country, have increased, and include Israel's newly…


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No News is Good News - Severe harassment by Palestinian Authority and Hamas security forces targeting Palestinian journalists in the West Bank and Gaza / Human Rights Watch

Rise in Attacks, Detentions by Palestinian Security Services. The 35-page report, "No News is Good News: Abuses Against Journalists by Palestinian Security Forces," documents cases in which security forces tortured, beat, and arbitrarily detained journalists, confiscated their equipment, and barred them from leaving the West Bank and Gaza. …


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by سلام<++NEWZ / REPORT in/on the Occupied Palestinian Territory 2011

Comment by سلام<++ on February 25, 2011 at 10:48pm 

 The place where Najah Qudaih and her daughter were killed by Israeli artillery shelling in the east of Khan Yunis


Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights…

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Land day in Lod, yesterday evening


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La Terrasse des "Refusés"

elsewhere missing members and material can be found here

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The Visual Aspect of Identities In The Israeli Illustrated Reportage 1946-1952 / Yossi Nahmias

(Hebrew follows English)


 An abstract of a thesis submitted for the M.A. degree at The Cohn Institute of the History And Philosophy of Science and Ideas, conducted under the guidance of Dr. Moshe Zuckerman, Tel Aviv University, 2002


The purpose of this study is to outline the principles to the development of the controlled process of identifying and deciphering the traces of the perceptual socialization practices, that a certain era goes through by…


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Invitation to take part in "family / relations" exhibit - הזמנה להשתתף בתערוכה

שלום לכולם

אני רוצה להזמין אותם להשתתף בתערוכה חדשה שאני מעוניינת להתחיל בנושא "משפחה ויחסים".

תאריך היעד הוא אפריל 2011.

אני אשמח אם תעלו לכאן או תשלחו אלי חומרים שאתם חושבים שיכולים להתקשר לנושא.



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In memory of our beloved teacher Sandy, Mr. Menachem Gendelman - במלאת 30 לפטירתו של מנחם גנדלמן, סנדי

Sandy, a friend, a beloved teacher and educator. In this1972 photo: Sandy on duty as Rishon LeZion youth delegation coordinator to Minneapolis, New York and Heerenveen (Netherlands).

From left: Batsheva Hajby, Zviya Ben-Zvi, Udi Shtammer, Sandy (Menachem Gendelman), Roni Blechner, Rosa Glazer, Ziv Ringer, Ruthi Zilberberg, Yossi Nahmias

סנדי, חבר, מחנך ומורה אהוב - בתמונה:…


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About the War (article_spanish)


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Sleepless in Gaza...& Jerusalem

"Sleepless in Gaza...and Jerusalem is a video diary about four young Palestinian women, Muslim and Christian, two living in Gaza and two in Arab Jerusalem/West Bank... Sleepless is Gaza...and Jerusalem documents how --as human beings -- these four Palestinians can also experience moments of personal and community achievement, and the warmth of friends and family… Continue

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flowers - Picture for Me

Congratulations on the recognition you deserve for all the participants dedication and hardwork

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Givat Hamatos 1997

Givat HaMatos (גבעת המטוס‎) is a caravan village in southern Jerusalem.

It is populated by members of the Ethiopian Jewish community living in

Israel. The village encompasses an area of approximately 170 dunams. It

is bordered by Talpiot in the north, Hebron Road (part of Highway 60) in

the east, Gilo in the south, and Beit Safafa in the west. The name,

which literally means "hill of the airplane", memorializes an Israeli

plane that crashed in the area in… Continue

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