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Ramadan mubarak!

May we all be blessed with peace and solidarity!

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The International Airport of Jerusalem, Present and Past: Sasha Eidelman and Nahed Awwad

During the research fo Sasha Eidelman's "Last call for passengers on flight" exhibition, we have watched a documentary by Nahed Awwad called "5 Minutes from Home", that had opened the first International Biennial of Qalandiya a year ago.

 - In her film Awwad recovered the history of…


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White phosphorus "doesn't photograph well," harming Israel's image

Maariv quoted an IDF officer as saying that white phosphorus "doesn't photograph well," harming Israel's image in the international media. (IDF announces end to use of white phosphorus, "Israel Hayom", Friday April 26, 2013…


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Israel High Court of Injustice

What had happened at the border while the HC was washing his hands clean of the Eritrean asylum seekers?

1. Darkness at Noon (Heb)

2. Eritrean migrants tell of IDF violence at Israel-Egypt border (Eng)

3. …


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Image Design Competition on the theme of 'We don’t want them disturbed.'

Win a free weekend for two and one kid at THE SAHARONIM B'…


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"Keren Sharet" 2012-13 Scholarships - בחינות קרן התרבות אמריקה-ישראל באמנות: ההרשמה תיסגר ב-8 ביולי 2012

Although exams of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation - "Keren Sharet" 2012-13  are open to candidates who are recommended by their schools, Never take No for an Answer, and make your mind up very quickly. That is, to be assertive, and ask your institution to give you a recommendation.

Good luck! It's worth the effort.

אמנם, …


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Everyday things we see but don't notice: Julia Schiller's "View Point"

Julia's new column "View Point" in the Jerusalem Post featuring a visual commentary, in the form of a graphic essay; this week: underage workers in Mahane Yehuda market.

Our appreciation to you, Julia!

Wishing you all the best with your new endeavour!…


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garlic bread online magazine

"The garlic bread is an online magazine dedicated to highlighting young and ambitious artists from Israel and abroad, who use photography as a primary art medium. Our main goal is to show the works of notable, but lesser known photographers to a wider audience and hopefully create a platform for discussions, inspiration and learning. In parallel to…


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Israeli communities traumatized by Gaza rockets by Ma'an + List of Pal rocket attacks on Israel

Publ 20/04/2011 NAHAL OZ, Israel (IRIN) -- Israeli civilians living near the Gaza Strip are feeling the strain as a result of the recent escalation of violence between militants in Gaza and the Israeli army, and are calling for increased protection -- though not another Gaza offensive.

Measures being taken by the Israeli government to protect civilians in the area, known as the southern district and covering nearly a third of the country, have increased, and include Israel's newly…


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No News is Good News - Severe harassment by Palestinian Authority and Hamas security forces targeting Palestinian journalists in the West Bank and Gaza / Human Rights Watch

Rise in Attacks, Detentions by Palestinian Security Services. The 35-page report, "No News is Good News: Abuses Against Journalists by Palestinian Security Forces," documents cases in which security forces tortured, beat, and arbitrarily detained journalists, confiscated their equipment, and barred them from leaving the West Bank and Gaza. …


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by سلام<++NEWZ / REPORT in/on the Occupied Palestinian Territory 2011

Comment by سلام<++ on February 25, 2011 at 10:48pm 

 The place where Najah Qudaih and her daughter were killed by Israeli artillery shelling in the east of Khan Yunis


Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights…

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The Visual Aspect of Identities In The Israeli Illustrated Reportage 1946-1952 / Yossi Nahmias

(Hebrew follows English)


 An abstract of a thesis submitted for the M.A. degree at The Cohn Institute of the History And Philosophy of Science and Ideas, conducted under the guidance of Dr. Moshe Zuckerman, Tel Aviv University, 2002


The purpose of this study is to outline the principles to the development of the controlled process of identifying and deciphering the traces of the perceptual socialization practices, that a certain era goes through by…


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La Terrasse des "Refusés"

elsewhere missing members and material can be found here

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Krista Sené / Laurent - CsO سلام

The Elsewhereness No. 47 / June 11-17 10 /…


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