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What had happened at the border while the HC was washing his hands clean of the Eritrean asylum seekers?

1. Darkness at Noon (Heb)

2. Eritrean migrants tell of IDF violence at Israel-Egypt border (Eng)

3. Unlike the State announcement Eritreans testify: we were dragged fo... (Heb)

4. Testimonies: Israelis tear-gassed pleading asylum seekers, dragged ... (Eng)
   (Thank you Laurent for your continued interest and for this follow-up link)

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Comment by سلام<++ on September 23, 2012 at 4:39pm
+972 / Newz ... Right-wing MK: 'Shoot border infiltrators in the head' ... http://972mag.com/right-wing-mk-shoot-border-infiltrators-in-the-he...

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