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Our condolences to the families of those 43 who lost their lives in the line of duty / photo: Yara Mansour

Comment by Weinstein Henry 31 minutes ago
Well,I don't think Hezy was insensitive. His remark was provocative yes, but that doesn't mean he didn't care (quite the contrary, I guess). It wasn't a sardonic & cynical joke, but probably a way to express a feeling of disgust watching the media coverage of the blaze. And it's a real issue: the formal insensitivity of such 'terrific' pictures, the trade of images. We all know the medias don't depict the real world, but something else, just like the history manuals don't tell the real history. I've been once caught in a blaze in the south of France, with my girlfriend in a car: which road to take when suddenly the landscape in front of you is on fire? You don't take pictures, you make a U-turn, and you will remember all your life the heat, the smoke, the flames, the Fear.

About 9/11, Do you know this documentary, The Falling Man?
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXnA9FjvLSU

Comment by Hezy 35 minutes ago
Comment to Yossi Nahmias:
"Hello Hezy ... your insensitive remark as a most unfortunate one".

Are you ostrich ?! Are you using a lot your carpets *
as a hiding-place.

Comment by elsewhere 6 hours ago
Unfortunately there is now a wave of arson in addition to the fire
that began yesterday and it is still unclear what caused it.

Comment by Yossi Nahmias 14 hours ago
Hello Hezy. What you're saying here reminds me of the debate you
raised around the picture of the girl's corpse covered in a blanket in the Shifa
Hospital; taken by Eman Mohammad during the Gaza War. I don't know if your
intention is just to challenge us and ignite a controversy, but in the present
context (as well as in Eman Mohammed's case), I would define your insensitive
remark as a most unfortunate one.

Comment by Hezy 16 hours ago
אין מה לדבר, this fire, for photographers, is a great photo opp.

Comment by SbbRسلام<++ 18 hours ago http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/10/19/1522254/Laurie%20Anderson%2...

Comment by Aqua 19 hours ago
all thoughts to all...

Comment by Weinstein Henry 22 hours ago
"Grapevine Fires" was inspired by 2007's California wildfires. The
song inspired artist Walter Robot to create an animated short film that relays
the sense of tragedy caused by the fire's wrath

Comment by sigal 1 day ago
so sad...

Comment by elsewhere 1 day ago
Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. We wish all
wounded a quick recovery.

Comment by Nicol Caplin 1 day ago

That is crazy. Sad day for Israel. Thank you for sharing this photo.

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