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Graceland Under Israeli Skies, Tel Aviv, May 10 2012.MP4

"But there is a certain hierarchy. At the top are the politicians, and behind the politicians are mysterious people who have money and power. After that comes the warriors. Then comes the economist who say 'this is how a structure must be', and so on down the list comes the artist... The artist is always treated as if we work for the politicians."

אבל יש היררכיה מסוימת. בראש הפוליטיקאים, ומאחורי הפוליטיקאים נמצאים אנשים מסתוריים שיש להם כסף וכוח. אחר כך באים הלוחמים. ואז מגיע הכלכלן שאומר 'כך מבנה זה חייב להיות', והלאה במורד הרשימה מגיע האמן... ולאמן מתייחסים תמיד כאילו הוא עובד אצל הפוליטקאי

Travelling to South Africa in violation of the UN cultural boycott imposed on the apartheid regime, Simon was accused of harming a just struggle. 25 years af...

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Comment by sigal on May 13, 2012 at 5:41pm

No doubt that there is something corrupt in the structure. Something is terribly wrong, for example, with the artist being treated as if he (we) work for the politicians, yet, the artist should ask himself what he contribute to support this assumption.... What motivate us as an artists to take part in it ? As an artist I face with this conflict all the time - We argue the establishment's code of behavior and challenge the core values of society yet we need their support (money, recognition, etc.) in order to have the facility to create (money, space, potential, platforms to show...).

Many contradictions in the structure, with some of them, unfortunately, we live in peace.

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